Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 3

Hamas: lift the siege or be ready for war of attrition

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Gaza –The Islamic Palestinian Movement Hamas called Saturday upon the Israeli occupation to lift the siege on Gaza or be ready for war of attrition.
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Hamas, which is the leading Palestinian fighting group, responded to remarks leaked after the end of the Israeli cabinet meeting on Friday that truce would end without reaching a ceasefire deal.

“The Israeli occupation has two choices: accept Palestinian demands, the core of them lifting the eight-year old siege on Gaza, or to be ready for a war of attrition with us,” senior Hamas official told Days of Palestine.

According to the official, Palestinian tunnels would be a “strategic weapon” to face the Israeli weaponry, including warplanes, tanks, guided missiles, rockets with nuclear warheads, etc…

About demilitarising Palestinian fighters, the official said that the UN and the international community have been unable to stop Israeli aggressions against the Palestinians since around 70 years.

The official wondered: “How can we lay down our arms and surrender our neck to a savage butcher?”