Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

About half of Gaza residents displaced by Israeli war

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Gaza –Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip left their homes when the Israeli massive war started. Those who refused were killed and buried under the rubble of their homes.

Israeli occupation warned the Palestinians living in the operation areas to leave their homes, but most Palestinians, who got fed up with fleeing homes, refused.

Regardless to the massive numbers of civilians remained in their houses, the Israeli occupation targeted them in several residential areas along the borders neighbourhoods of the Gaza Strip, killed them and buried them under the rubble of their homes.

In Sheja’ia, east of the Gaza city, more than 200 civilians has been discovered dead so far and around 1,000 were wounded. Ambulances were denied access by the Israeli occupation forces to the targeted areas and many wounded remained bleeding to death.

Firefighters, who attempted to help people trapped under the rubble of their houses were also targeted and a number of them were killed.

The same thing happened in Khuza’a in the east of Khan Younic city, a central city in the Gaza Strip. More than 200 have been killed according to ministry of health statistics and hundreds were wounded.
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Several areas in Gaza witnessed the same infliction.

Civilians fled to the houses of their relatives and acquaintances in the centres of the cities along the Strip. Many of them sought safe shelters in UN schools.

UN has said that it opened 86 shelters and said that it received more than 215,000 Palestinians, who have already fled their homes. This number according to officials in Gaza is less than half of the real number of all the people displaced by because of the war.