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Netanyahu’s Firing of Galant Sparks Outrage in Israel

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The ousting of Defense Minister Yoav Galant by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday prompted vehement outcry from Jewish party representatives, Knesset legislators and highranking Israeli administrators.

According to Israeli Channel 12, demonstrations in Israel were called for in response to the dismissal of Galant and are expected to start at 10:00 PM on Sunday evening on Kaplan Street in Tel Aviv.

Benny Gantz, who had been the Israeli defense minister, was quick to criticize Netanyahu‘s decision, claiming that Israel is in an imminent, concrete and unmistakable jeopardy of its security.

Yair Lapid, a past Prime Minister of Israel, commented that the ousting of Defense Minister Yoav Galant was a new nadir for a government that is damaging the nation‘s safety.

Avigdor Lieberman, leader of the Yisrael Beitenu party, asserted that Netanyahu has chosen the same path as all oppressive rulers: the dismissal of Galant should be an admonition to all members of the coalition. He went on to add that he wouldn‘t be shocked if Netanyahu‘s next move is to remove Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi.

Merav Michaeli, the leader of the Labor Party, strongly criticized Netanyahu‘s decision, declaring that he is now a greater threat to Israel than ever before.

Gideon Saar, an Israeli Knesset member, described Prime Minister Netanyahu‘s dismissal of Defense Minister Yoav Galant asinsane,” expressing his concern that Netanyahu is leading Israeltowards the brink of destruction.” He went on to add that the longer Netanyahu remains in office, the greater the danger to Israel and its future.

Avi Issacharoff, an analyst for The Times of Israel, opined that Prime Minister Netanyahu is jeopardizing Israel‘s safety in order to remain in power.

Itamar Ben Gvir, the Israeli national security minister, stated that anyone who fails to fulfill their obligations cannot remain in their position for even a moment, and he praised Netanyahu for his decision to remove Galant.

On Sunday evening, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared the termination of Army Minister Yoav Galant following the latter‘s insistence on the suspension of Netanyahu‘s laws designed to reduce the authority of the judiciary.

Israeli media reports indicate that Netanyahu called Galant to his office and declared that he no longer had confidence in him, due to the latter‘s vocal criticism of Netanyahu‘s disputed plan to reduce judicial power. This development was made known while Netanyahu was on a trip to London on Saturday.