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Thursday, June 8

Naim: We Look forward to New Era with King Charles III

N.S | DOP -

Dr. Basem Naim, head of department of foreign affairs in Gaza, on Saturday, September 10, said: “We look forward to a new era in light of King Charles III’s ascension to the throne.”

Mr. Naim stressed on reparation of historical injustice done to the Palestinians due to Balfour Declaration and the unjust policies of British mandate.

“We look forward to this especially in light of what is known about the new king a having close knowledge of the region, respect for the Arabs and their cultural identity and a great appreciation for the religion of Islam and its civilizational contributions.” Mr. Naim added

As Queen Elizabeth has passed away days ago, King Charles III ,73, ascended the throne and gave his first official speech Friday night as the new king of the United Kingdom.

In 2020, he visited the West Bank and met with Palestinian prominent leaders. He said that he was heartbroken to witness the suffering and hardship endured by the people of Palestine.