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Friday, March 31

Naim to DOP: ” The bloody Israeli Massacre in Jenin reflects the Fascist Israeli government”

Af.M | DOP -

Chairman of Hamas political department, Bassem Naim, stated that the bloody Israeli Massacre against Palestinian people in Jenin camp, in which 9 civilians were killed and many others injured, reflects the real Fascist nature of the Israeli government.

In a private statement to Days of Palestine DOP on Thursday 26 January 2023, Naim affirmed that this Israeli crime will never pass without a strong Palestinian reaction that mounts to such Israeli brutality.

He noted that this Israeli crime would not have occurred if Israel did not feel it enjoys impunity in light of the double standards and the unlimited international support it enjoys.

Naim stressed that the international community must intervene immediately to stop the Israeli brutal assault against Palestinians in Occupied Palestinian Territories, where the Israeli criminals must be held accountable for such heinous crimes.

Earlier today, Israeli occupation military forces invaded the occupied West Bank and carried out an unusually deep military raid into Jenin’s refugee camp.

Nine Palestinians were killed during the Israeli military raid in the occupied West Bank including a Palestinian woman, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said in what marked the deadliest escalation in years.

Palestinian Medics stated that the situation in the Jenin refugee camp was critical and Israeli military forces were preventing Palestinian ambulances and medical crews from reaching wounded Palestinian people.

The number of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces during military raids in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem in January 2023 has risen to at least 29 people, including 5 minors. At least 15 of those killed were from Jenin. More than 170 Palestinians were killed in such raids in 2022.