Days of Palestine

Thursday, March 23

Mass Demonstration against Israeli Demolition of Palestinian Homes in Al-Naqab

M.S | DOP -

A number of Palestinian families, leaders, and political activists participated Thursday, March 9, in a demonstration in front of the Courts Complex in the city of Beersheba, against the demolition of Palestinian homes and the displacement of Palestinians in the AL-Naqab by the Israeli occupation.

The Palestinian demonstrators raised Palestinian flags and banners and chanted slogans calling on the Israeli occupation to stop the crimes of house demolitions in Al-Naqab and to cancel the demolition orders that amount to hundreds since the beginning of this year.

They also demanded a fundamental and immediate solution for the people of Al-Naqab, who suffer from the policy of demolition by the Israeli occupation.

In recent years, Israeli occupation forces have demolished thousands of Palestinian homes. Since the beginning of this year, they demolished dozens of homes in the Negev region.