Days of Palestine

Thursday, June 8

Kuwait Condemns Israeli Settler’s Raids into Al Aqsa Mosque

N.S | DOP -

Kuwaiti foreign ministry has strongly criticized on Monday, September 26, Israeli settlers’ raids into Al Aqsa Mosque compound, adding that such “unlawful” raids violate international law.

In a statement, Kuwaiti foreign ministry has warned of the “ominous escalation” and the consequences that cannot be contained if Israeli settlers – backed by Israeli forces – get on with their attitude in Al Aqsa.

It also has warned of the violations that Israeli forces have been put into force against the holy Islamic site, calling on the Security Council and International community to immediately put regulations in place to end such Israeli aggression against Palestinians and Al Aqsa Mosque.

Israeli Occupation Forces have been imposing high restrictions on Palestinian worshippers from accessing to Al Aqsa Mosque compound. They have also detained dozens of Palestinians over the past week.