Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 10

JSC: Israeli Forces Targeted 53 Palestinain Journalists in March 2023

Af.M | DOP -

Israeli occupation forces targeted 53 Palestinian journalists in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem in March 2023, the Journalist Support Committee (JSC) revealed.

In a statement, the Beirut-based JSC stated that the frequency of violations increased throughout March 2023, asserting that these violations came “within the framework of the Israeli occupation forces’ attempt to obliterate the reality of their crimes and terror that they practice against the Palestinians.”

The committee stated that it had monitored Israeli violations against media professionals in the occupied Palestinian lands, represented by arrest and targeting in the field and inside Israeli prisons.

The report noted that the increase in attacks by Israeli settlers against Palestinian journalists under the protection of the occupation troops was a remarkable and growing trend.

The JSC said that Israeli occupation forces wounded 11 Palestinian journalists and detained 13 others across the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, adding that they are being targeted to stop them from documenting Israel’s crimes.

According to the JSC, the Israeli occupation forces do not care about the Palestinian journalists as they open fire at them even when they are visibly wearing bullet-proof press vests.