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Israeli Occupation Forces Detain Palestinian Citizen in Occupied Jerusalem

Israeli Occupation Detain Palestinian Citizen in Occupied Jerusalem
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Israeli occupation forces detained Saturday, April 1, 2023, a defenseless Palestinian citizen during a military incursion into the Old City of occupied Jerusalem.

According to Palestinian sources, the occupation forces detained Mahmoud Al-Shawish after storming his house in the Bab Hatta neighborhood in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Israeli forces systematically storm the towns and neighborhoods of occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank, break into Palestinian homes, and attack and detain citizens there.

in March only, IOF detained about 352 Palestinian citizens, including 25 children, and 2 women.

According to Palestinian figures, Israeli occupation currently detains 4765 Palestinians, including 29 females, 150 minors, 975 administrative detainees, and 600 patients.