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Israeli Violations in Occupied Jerusalem During April 2023

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The Israeli occupation forces committed a number of crimes and violations against the Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem during April 2023.

During the reporting period, at least 5054 colonial Israeli settlers invaded the courtyards of Al-Aqsa mosque. They performed provocative Talmudic rituals in some of its yards, citing Passover holidays as a pretext.

All colonial settlers and the settlements in which they live are illegal under international law.

An Israeli settler executed the 39 years old Palestinian man Hatem Asaad Abu Najma from the town of Beit Safafa, southeast of occupied Jerusalem by shooting him directly. Abu Najma carried out a car-ramming attack against Israeli settlers, leaving 8 injures.

The report recorded the Israeli occupation detention of at least 700 Palestinians including women and minors.

Moreover, the Israeli occupation issued at least 70 arrest decisions including 7 administrative detentions, 51 house arrests, and 12 prison sentences, according to data collected by Marsad Network.

At the same time, the Israeli occupation issued 517 banishment orders against Jerusalemite activists and employees of the Jerusalem Waqf (Endowment) Department, ِAl-Qastal reported.

Israeli troops wounded 208 Palestinians varying between live and rubber-coated metal bullets, severe attacks by Israeli forces and settlers, burns, head injuries, and fractures, in addition to hundreds of suffocation cases as a result of tear gas canisters being fired directly towards Palestinians.

Israeli occupation authorities strive to impose a new reality on the occupied city of Jerusalem through the implementation of dangerous colonial settlement projects. 

Israeli occupation approved 6 settlement projects in various areas of occupied Jerusalem including: 

  • Building a new illegal settlement neighborhood in the town of Beit Hanina.
  • Approving the construction of 3 illegal settlement roads in occupied Jerusalem.
  • Passing a dangerous plan to convert the Muslim chapel of Bab Al-Rahma into a settlement synagogue.