Days of Palestine

Wednesday, February 8

Israeli Troops Kidnap Several Palestinians in Occupied West Bank Raids

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Israeli occupation forces launched Wednesday, 26 October 2022, a campaign of raids last night across the occupied West Bank and detained 20 Palestinians after breaking into their homes

In Nablus, IOF invaded a Palestinian-owned house in the Khalet Al-Amoud area and arrested Iyad Al-Nabulsi, Ibrahim Al-Nabulsi’s brother, who was assassinated by the Israeli occupation on 9 August 2022. 

Israeli occupation forces surrounded the house of the family of Palestinian man Adham Mabrouka, who was assassinated along with 2 Palestinians on 8 February 2022 and arrested his uncle Adham Mabrouka and Yahya Mabrouka along with Karim Yasser Qadous from Iraq Burin, south of Nablus.

In Jenin, Israeli forces arrested the freed Palestinian detainees Mahmoud Alawneh, Farhat Muhammad Alawneh, Anas Walid Fawakheriya, Bashar Ahmad Kanaan along with Ahmed Malaysha from the Jabaa neighborhood.

Israeli occupation arrested the Palestinian children Ayham and Wadih Inaya from the town of Azzun, east of Qalqilya. 

In the south of the West Bank, Israeli troops invaded Hebron city and detained the young Palestinian men Abdo Al-Rajabi and Basil Maan Al-Namoura from the Dura neighborhood. 

South of Bethlehem, The Palestinian father Talal Al-Amour reported that Israeli occupation forces broke into his house in the town of Tekoa and kidnapped him accompanied by his son Sanad. 

In Jerusalem, Israeli occupation troops arrested the Palestinian youth Karim Abu Jamal after storming his house in the town of Jabal Mukaber. 

Palestinian young man Ashraf Burqan was kidnapped by IOF after storming his house and assaulting his family members in the town of Silwan, south of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Palestinian towns and villages in the occuiped West Bank and Jerusalem have seen increased military raids and violations by Israeli forces in recent months. 

There are 4700 Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails illegally held by Israeli occupation including 30 women and 400 children.