Days of Palestine

Saturday, April 1

Israeli Settlers Burn Poultry Farm in Salfit

B.M | DOP -

Israeli settlers set fire to a Palestinian poultry farm in occupied Salfit on Sunday morning, February 26, 2023.

Palestinian farmer Hasan Abu Salmia, the owner of the farm, said that settlers burned the farm located in the Al-Shalal area in occupied Salfit.

Abu Salmia pointed out that the arson attack caused the death of 2700 birds inside the farm.

In addition, the farm owner said Israeli forces repeatedly carried out attacks against his farm, the last of which was last week.

About 700,000 Israeli settlers live currently in more than 200 settlements built on Palestinian land considered illegal under international law.

Palestinian figures showed that Israeli occupation forces and settlers carried out 700 attacks against Palestinians and their properties in the occupied West Bank in January 2023.

The attacks included assaulting Palestinians, uprooting trees, razing lands, seizing properties, burning and vandalizing vehicles, and closing roads.