Days of Palestine

Friday, March 31

Israeli Settlement Project Target “Lifta” Village in occupied Jerusalem



Israeli occupation forces placed, on Sunday, a fence around Palestinian homes in “Lifta” village in occupied Jerusalem.


The Israeli occupation forces issued a decision prevent the Palestinians from reaching to their homes, as a part of new settlement plans.


Maysoon Al-Husseini, a Palestinian citizen from Jerusalem, says that Lifta is one of the most important Palestinian villages, which have a great geographical location that connects Jaffa and Jerusalem, and agricultural lands with various areas.


“The Israeli Occupation Land Department, since its occupation of the Palestinian land in 1948, has been trying to impose its control over Lifta village, and to control the largest area of ​​it, by trying to displace its Palestinian residents.” Al-Husseini explained in an interview with Shehab News Agency.


“Israel Lands Administration has appealed the ruling since the beginning of this year, when the court issued a decision to exploit the abandoned houses in Lifta village, and they proceeded to fence the houses and put up a sign that read (No approaching), which is the first step in changing the landmarks of the village.” Al-Husseini added.


“Israeli occupation seeks to change the identity of the Palestinian village of Lifta, as a part of a cultural and tourist settlement project, in order to exploit the village economically.” She confirmed.


Lifta is located on land belonging to occupied Jerusalem.