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Breaking: IOF Murder Palestinian Child in Jerusalem

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Days of Palestine – Jerusalem

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) murdered on Sunday night a Palestinian child in Jerusalem, the Palestinian health ministry said.

Yamen Nafez Jafal, 16-year-old, was killed by IOF shooting in Abu Dis village east of the occupied city of Jerusalem, the ministry stated.

Hamas Movement extremely condemned this heinous crime of the Israeli occupation forces.

Hazem Qasim, the Hamas spokesperson, said in a statement that the execution by the Zionist occupation army of the boy Yamen Nafez Jafal from the town of Abu Dis in occupied Jerusalem, a full-fledged war crime that reflects the reality of the terrorist face of the occupation and its leaders.

“The international community must act to hold the occupation leaders accountable as war criminals in the International Criminal Court for their crimes against humanity,” he added.

Israel’s prolonged occupation continues to severely affect Palestinian children and youth, leaving them with a deep sense of insecurity, hopelessness, and frustration.

In the Occupied Palestinian Territory, the (IOF) and settlers have adopted numerous policies and practices against Palestinian children, in disregard of their humanity and their protected status under international law.

The IOF consistently deploy excessive use of force against children, denying them their right to life and causing them physical harm and injuries.