Days of Palestine

Wednesday, March 22

Israeli Repression Units Raid Palestinian Prisoners’ Sections Inside Ramon Prison

S.K | DOP -

Israeli repression units of the occupation prisons administration, including soldiers with strong bodies and a previous military experience stormed section (3) of Ramon Israeli prison Tuesday, February 21, 2023  and proceeded to transfer about 80 Palestinian prisoners, including patients and elderlies, to an unknown destination until now.

It’s noteworthy that these units’ members have received special trainings to suppress and abuse Palestinian prisoners, using various weapons, including knives, batons, tear gas canisters, electrical devices that cause burns weapons incendiary bullets, internationally banned “dumdum” bullets, and other bullets that cause severe pain.

Note that 4,500 Palestinians are currently inside Israeli occupation prisons, including 400 who have severe and chronic illnesses, 31 women, and 500 administrative detainees.

In the absence of strong pressure to stop the systemic inhumane abuses, the racist and fascist policies of the Prison Service Administration have a negative impact on Palestinian detainees,  as these provocative acts in the West-Bank  come amid the escalating atmosphere, especially after the formation of the new Israeli Government.