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Saturday, June 10

Israeli Occupation Transfers Health-Deteriorated Palestinian Prisoner to Israeli “Ramleh” Prison Clinic

M.S | DOP -

The Israeli occupation authorities transferred on Tuesday, September 20, 2022, the wounded Palestinian prisoner Noureddine Jerboa from Assaf Harofeh Hospital to the Israeli Ramle prison clinic, despite the seriousness of his health and his urgent need to stay in the hospital.

The Palestinian Prisoner Club stated that the wounded prisoner, Jerboa, had recently undergone surgery at the Israeli “Asaf Harofeh” hospital, and he is still in a serious health condition, pointing out that his family was able to visit him in the hospital recently.

It is noteworthy that the prisoner, Noureddine Jarboa, was seriously wounded by the Israeli occupation forces’ bullets during his detention, in April of this year, which caused him to be partially paralyzed after one of the bullets settled in the spine.

Since his detention, he has suffered serious medical negligence, which has led to severe infections and ulcers on his body. As a result of his inability to move, he has been infected with these ulcers, and this led to serious infections that could reach blood and bones.

The Israeli medical negligence, as mentioned above, led to rotting in the area of ​​the injury, and a serious deterioration in his health recently. As a result, he was transferred from Israeli “Ramle” prison to “Asaf Harofeh” hospital, after numerous claims were made.

It is worth noting that the wounded Nour El-Din Jarbou, was detained on the 9th of April of this year after the occupation soldiers shot him, and his condition was described as very dangerous at the time, and one of the bullets settled in the spine. Then, he was transferred to intensive care in the Israeli Rambam hospital, and he was hypnotized under the influence of medication for a while.