Days of Palestine

Israeli Occupation to Implement of Settlement Plans in Negev; Arrests Campaign against Palestinians

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Days of Palestine – Negev

The Israeli occupation forces detained dozens of Palestinian young men, children, and girls who were arrested in the confrontations that erupted in the occupied Palestinian Negev since Tuesday in inhumane conditions, and refused to reveal their fate.

The Negev, south of Palestine occupied in 1948, witnessed an escalation of demolitions, especially in the village of al-Atrash, and the implementation of settlement plans for more than 6 months.

Lawyer Nasser al-Atawna, who follows up on the detainees’ file, said that the Israeli occupation forces kidnapped 18 Palestinian young men, 6 minors and two girls, in stations in the Negev that lack the minimum requirements for life in light of the harsh cold weather.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested these people in the Naqa al-Sabaa area during the attacks and confrontations that took place in the area, while arrest campaigns are taking place in several areas in the Negev so far.

Regarding the girls, the lawyer confirms that the occupation court decided to extend the detention of two girls, aged 13 and 14, and lawyers have been following up on the conditions of the remaining detainees since Tuesday.

For his part, Youssef Abu Jame’, a member of the Higher Committee for Arabs in the Negev, confirms that the Israeli occupation forces want to preempt the intensification of their attack on the Negev by arresting among the youths and the residents.
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