Days of Palestine

Israeli Occupation Navy Attacks Palestinian Fishermen Boat, Injures Two in Gaza Sea

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Days of Palestine – Gaza

Israeli occupation navy attacked Saturday a Palestinian fishermen’s boat, injuring two in the Gaza sea, local sources reported.

They said that two Palestinian fishermen were injured by rubber bullets and the boat’s engine was destroyed as a result of the Israeli navy’s attack on fishermen in the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, the Israeli navy detained today morning six Palestinian fishermen while at sea in the north of the Gaza Strip.

Sources confirmed that the occupation navy first detained four fishermen in al-Waha region and then two more west of Gaza port after seizing and impounding their fishing boats.

Fishing is the main source of income and living for thousands of Gazans.

The impoverished Gaza Strip has been under constant Israeli military siege and blockade since 2005 and the fishing area is heavily restricted to only three nautical miles.

The occupation forces committed dozens of violations against fishermen in the Gaza Strip, since the beginning of 2022, by arresting, shooting, chasing, and confiscating equipment and boats.

The crimes of the Israeli occupation against the fishermen of the Gaza Strip continue, while most of the residents of the Gaza Strip lack stable sources of livelihood that guarantee a decent life for them and their families in light of the suffocating siege imposed for several years, including those fishermen who need to work in the sea on a permanent and daily basis to secure the minimum necessities of life.