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Israeli Occupation Launches ‘Unprecedented’ Violations in Occupied Jerusalem, Says Palestinian Specialist

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Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) have been launching an unprecedented violation in the occupied Jerusalem, a Palestinian specialist Jamal Amro has said on Sunday

Mr. Jamal highlighted that IOF have gone further this time as they are carrying out not only so-called “Jewish Rituals”, but also scheming to Judaize the occupied Jerusalem.

“What is happening now in the occupied Jerusalem, by all means, is an unprecedented violation by Israeli forces and settlers,” add Mr. Jamal.

He added that it is not all about “Jewish rituals”, but about a planned scheme to force Palestinians flee their homes and take control of the occupied city.

IOF along with Israeli settlers have carried out several raids into the Al Aqsa Mosque over the past two weeks, detaining and harming civilian Palestinians as confrontations have been rising since.