Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 10

Israeli Occupation Kidnaps 8 Birzeit Students in Occupied WB

Days of Palestine -

A special Israeli unit kidnapped on Tuesday evening 17 May 2022 eight leaders of the Islamic Bloc at Birzeit University from a house in the West Bank village of Dura al-Qari’a, according to Asra Media Office.

A group of Israeli occupation soldiers disguised as Arabs broke into Dura al-Qari’a village in northern Ramallah and kidnaped eight Birzeit students, who are senior members of the Islamic Bloc.

Asra Media identified the detainees as Mutasem Zalloum, Abdul-Rahman Alawi, Mohamed al-Fateh, Mohamed Arman, Wissam Turki, Dia Zalloum, Abdul-Majid Hasan, and Ameen Farah.

Meanwhile, several families of Islamic Bloc students received threat messages warning them that their sons would be kidnapped if they ran as candidates for Wednesday’s elections at Birzeit University.

Last Monday, the participating student blocs at Birzeit University launched their electoral campaigns to compete for the leadership of the university’s student union council.