Days of Palestine

Wednesday, March 22

Israeli Occupation Forces Reinstates Blockade on Jericho

Israeli Occupation Forces
M.Y | DOP -

Only a few hours after taking away the military checkpoints at the gates to Jericho in the occupied West Bank, the Israeli occupation army on Thursday reestablished their checkpoints at almost all the entryways to the city, conducting a thorough search of all Palestinian vehicles coming in and out.

A minimum of three entry points to the city were blocked by Israeli checkpoints, where Israeli occupation forces are conducting a thorough search of all individuals and their vehicles going in and out of the city, resulting in considerable delays.

The Palestinians have expressed dismay that the Israeli occupation is collectivelly punishing the whole city of Jericho economically, especially during the busiest season, due to its considerable popularity with both domestic and international tourists for its sunny weather in the wintertime and gorgeous landscape.

Occasionally, Israeli occupationforces enter into Jericho, primarily at Aqbat Jabr refugee camp, like they did the night before, and carry out searches.

Yesterday, an Israeli raid on a camp resulted in the death of a Palestinian youth and the arrest of four brothers. Subsequently, three of the four brothers were released.