Days of Palestine

Friday, March 31

Israeli Occupation Forces Demolish Palestinian House in Jericho

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Days of Palestine – Jericho

Israeli occupation forces demolished Tuesday a Palestinian house outside the Aqbat Jabr refugee camp, south of Jericho.

The house belonged to Yousef Karshan, a disabled father of four, and was built on the edge of the refugee camp, a few meters inside the limits of “Area C.”

“Yousef lives with his wife and children in a barrack of wood and tent cloth, just like me and my family,” Ali Karshan, Yousef’s cousin, said.

“Area C” covers over 61% of the West Bank surface. It includes settlements, borders, water resources, agricultural lands, and all of the Jordan Valley, except the city of Jericho’s urban area and two refugee camps, one of which is Aqbat Jabr.

“In recent months, Israel occupation has ramped up demolitions against Palestinian property in the Jordan Valley”, Fares Fuqaha, a human rights activist in the Jordan Valley, said.

“Demolitions include farming barracks, irrigation pools and greenhouses, as well as confiscation of equipment.”

Israeli occupation leaders have repeatedly promised to annex the Jordan Valley, home to dozens of Palestinian villages and Bedouin communities.

Recently, Israeli settler leaders announced a plan to expand settlements on some 1,000 km2 of natural land, swallowing a big part of the Jordan Valley.