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Israeli Occupation Forces Attack Palestinian Woman in Her Home in Hebron 

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 Israeli occupation forces attacked on Thursday, September 22, 2022, a Palestinian woman and injured her after closing the entrance to her house in the southern area of ​​Hebron.


The occupation forces stormed the house of Palestinian Nidal Abu Rajab in Hebron, closed its main door, and beat the housewife, Shadia Abu Rajab, 37, causing her bruises.


Abu Rajab stated that after closing the entrance, his family of seven was forced to walk for more than an hour to reach the Old City, when he only needed a few minutes to reach it, noting that some of them suffer from chronic diseases.


He added that this measure comes within a series of attacks and restrictions imposed by the Israeli occupation on the Palestinian people in that area, to pressure them and force them to leave their homes and properties in favor of its illegal settlement projects.