Days of Palestine

Wednesday, February 8

Israeli Occupation Troops Demolish Al-Araqib Village for 211th Time

Af.M | DOP -

Israeli occupation forces demolished Sunday, 25 December 2022 the Palestinain residents’ homes of the Al-Araqib village in the occupied Negev for the 211th time in a row since its first demolition in 2010.

Early morning, Israeli occupation forces accompanied by military bulldozers barged their way into Al-Araqib village, assaulted Palestinian residents, and forced them to leave their homes before the Israeli bulldozers leveled them.

Al-Araqib village, located south of the 1948-occupied Palestinian lands, extends over an area of 1250 dunams with a population of 800 residents.

More than 22 Palestinian families in Al-Araqib village are facing imminent expulsion from their homes by the Israeli occupation under the pretext of building without having a permit and seizing state lands.

The Palestinian village residents re-erect their tents every time to confront Israeli occupation plans to uproot and displace them from their own land.

Since the beginning of 2022, Israeli troops demolished al-Araqib tents for the 14th time in a row after demolishing them 14 times in 2021.