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Wednesday, May 31

Israeli Narrative Regarding killing Palestinian Doctor in Al-Aqsa Mosque is Widely Rejected

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Israeli occupation troops claimed that the killing of a Palestinain doctor near the occuiped Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque was not recorded.

Mohammad al-Osaibi, a 26-year-old doctor from Houra, a Bedouin Arab village in 1948 occupied Palestinian lands, was shot and killed by Israeli forces at an entrance to Al-Aqsa Mosque in the occupied city early Saturday.

Israeli military troops claimed that Osaibi tried to snatch an Israeli soldier’s weapon and carry out a shooting attack.

Though al-Osaibi’s family denied the Israeli forces’ version of events, stressing that their son was not a terrorist. “The police are lying,” the family said in a statement. “They fired more than 20 bullets at him when he had nothing in his possession.”

The family added that al-Osaibi was shot when he intervened to help a Palestinian girl after being assaulted and injured by Israeli forces.

“He was a normal kid, a medical student in Romania who returned home for a month,” Osaib’s family told the Jerusalem Post.

“The soldiers shot al-Osaibi from a short distance, without justification,” an eyewitness said in statements cited by Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper.

Israeli occupation troops claimed that because the incident happened behind a closed gate, it was not caught by the cameras in the area. Even though the incident occurred in a military zone surrounded by dozens of security cameras.

Israeli forces published footage of the gate during the incident showing the gate and people suddenly running. Footage of Osaibi walking at Al-Aqsa mosque was also published. The military troops added that the body cameras of the soldiers were also not on.

Osaib’s family called on the Israeli occupation troops to get to the bottom of the incident and demanded an autopsy of the body.

“One of Ben-Gvir’s racist policemen shot him… Soon he will shoot us too,” a source close to the family told Maariv. 

“This is a terrible tragedy. This is a narrative that the police are trying to whitewash. There are no videos. There is no chance that it is related to one or another incident of terrorism”.Osaibi’s uncle, Fathi, told JP on Saturday.

“This is an attempt at a cover-up, to hide the truth.” Ra’am head MK Mansour Abbas declared on Twitter on Saturday. He also demanded that Israeli troops release documentation of the incident.

In 2020, Israeli occupation troops shot and killed the Palestinian youth with special needs Iyad Halak while he was on his way to school and claimed that no security cameras captured the incident.

In June 2021, The Police Investigations Department filed an indictment against the Israeli soldier who shot Halak for second-degree murder.