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Friday, March 24

Israeli Massacre in Jenin Gets Reaction.. Some 10 Israelis Hit in Occupied Jerusalem

At least 10 Israelis left killed or injured in Jerusalem
M.Y | DOP -

Some 10 Israeli settlers were reported killed and others injured Friday evening 27 January 2023  in a Palestinian resistance action in the occupied city of Jerusalem in what seems urgent Palestinian reaction to the bloody Israeli massacre against Palestinians in Jenin camp less that 36 hours ago.

The Israeli massacre against Palestinian people in the occupied city of Jenin left 9 Palestinian dead including 60-year-old women and injured many others including children.

Commenting on the Israeli massacre in Jenin, Basem Naim, the chairman of Political department of Hamas movement,  told DOP that the Israeli crime in Jenin will never pass without a strong Palestinian reaction that mounts to such Israeli brutality.

Israeli media noted that many Israelis believe the event is one of the repercussions of Ben-Gvir’s fascist actions against the Platonian people, noting that calls have been made to arrest him.

The United Arab Emirates, France, and China have requested an immediate UN Security Council session in the wake of the deadly Israeli raid in Jenin on Thursday.

United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Tor Wennesland warned against further deterioration of the security situation and the unacceptable daily loss of life in the Occupied West Bank.

In what seems to be a normal reaction, One Palestinian freedom fighter was reported killed in occupied Jerusalem in an incident that Israeli media reports It left more than 10 Israelis killed and injured.