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Friday, March 31

Israeli Delegation Arrives in Sudan to Discuss Normalization

Israeli Delegation Arrives in Sudan to Discuss Normalization
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An Israeli delegation arrived in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, on Thursday, February 2, 2022, to discuss the normalization of relations between Sudan and the Israeli occupation.

Reuters reported that the visit was part of an exchange of visits between Sudan and the Israeli occupation, and included a discussion about reaching and signing an agreement to normalize relations between both sides.

There was no immediate comment from Israeli officials, but the office of Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said that he would hold a press conference in the evening “upon his return from a historic state visit,” without providing further details.

It is noteworthy that Sudan agreed to take steps to normalize relations with the Israeli occupation in the 2020 agreement mediated by the former US administration headed by Donald Trump. Normalization agreements were also signed between the Israeli occupation and the Emirates, Bahrain and Morocco.

However, the normalization agreements between the Israeli occupation and the Arab countries do not reflect the orientation of the Arab peoples, but rather represent the governmental approach of these countries.

Despite the extremism of the new far-right Israeli government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu and the escalation of the occupation’s crimes against the Palestinians, the Arab regimes are still committed to normalization with it.

According to a number of opinion polls, the majority of the population of Arab countries believes that this normalization reinforces the persistence of the occupation in committing more crimes against the Palestinian people.