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Saturday, June 3

Israeli Crimes Will Never Deter Palestinian Landowners from Defending Al-Aqsa Mosque

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By: Mohammad Shaaban  Days Of Palestine

It’s not new. The escalation of the Israeli occupation’s crimes and its settlers’ attacks on Palestinian citizens are leading the situations throughout Palestine to explode. In response to these crimes coinciding with the Israeli settlers storming the Al-Aqsa Mosque and desecrating the holy sites, the Palestinian landowners confronted them by all means, expressing their refusal to submit to all the occupation’s attempts to silence the Palestinian voice and break the will of the Palestinian people.


The acts of the Palestinian resistance in the occupied West Bank have recorded a remarkable increase since the beginning of 2022. The numbers and statistics indicated a rise in the Palestinian resistance operations, in all forms, especially the shootings at the Israeli occupation forces that systematically invade Palestinian cities and camps in the occupied West Bank.


On the other hand, the illegal Israeli settlers’ incursions into the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque increased recently, with the protection of the Israeli occupation forces, in an attempt to provoke the feelings of Palestinian worshipers and divide the mosque spatially and temporally.


In the same regard, the alleged Temple Mount groups began mobilizing their supporters for the largest storming of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque at the end of this month on the so-called Hebrew New Year. They submitted a petition to the Israeli occupation Supreme Court to allow settlers to blow the trumpet in Al-Aqsa Mosque, on the “Hebrew New Year” holiday.


It also demanded that the extremist Israeli settlers be allowed to bring offerings and tools of Jewish worship, as well as Jewish clothing and books into the Palestinian and Islamic Al-Aqsa Mosque. As well, they requested the occupation government to provide them full protection to storm this holy place and provoke the Palestinian landowners in safety and peace.


As they used to do, the inhumane Israeli occupation forces and settlers continue their systematic attacks on Palestinian citizens, their property, and sanctities throughout the occupied West Bank including Jerusalem. Simultaneously, the occupation forces constantly launch campaigns of arrests against Palestinians and shoot them arbitrarily, which increases the state of tension in the area.


Perhaps the most serious matter and evidence of the racism and the apartheid ideology of this occupation is its legitimization of the crimes of its settlers. It provides legal cover for those illegal and barbaric settlers to practice their attacks and crimes against the Palestinian landowners. On the other side, it prevents any reliable evidence of these crimes to be presented when Palestinians make complaints to the occupation police centers.


The escalation of attacks by those extremist forces and settlers on Palestinian citizens and the continued incursions into the Al-Aqsa Mosque helped create a wide space for Palestinian operations against Israeli soldiers and settlers, which affected the security and political scene in the region.


According to local Palestinian sources, more than 60 operations have been carried out from the beginning of this year until mid-August 2022, and this number exceeded the number of Palestinian operations during 2020. In addition, there are about 220 operations that the Israeli occupation claims to have thwarted.



It is clear that the occupation army is facing serious difficulty in stopping the successive Palestinian resistance operations against Israeli soldiers and settlers throughout the West Bank, especially in light of the data that was published during the past few days, which revealed the doubling of the number of operations against Israeli soldiers and settlers than that in 2021.


The Israeli occupation describes the Palestinian freedom fighters as being more courageous and daring to confront its inhumane forces, and that they fight to the last shot, refuse to surrender, do not affiliate with any political parties, and cling more to the national Palestinian motive.


The Israeli occupation estimates that one of the reasons for the escalation of resistance in the occupied West Bank is the weak control of the Palestinian Authority and its security services in the West Bank. Perhaps this is a reason, but the truth is that these operations came as a result of the persistence of this brutal occupation to continue its crimes against the Palestinian people and the holy places.


The apprehension of the explosion and entering into a new intifada increases, due to the recent Israeli crimes escalation against Palestinian innocents in Al-Aqsa Mosque and its surroundings, especially with the approach of the Jewish holidays, in which extremist Israeli settlers’ incursions of this holy place are intensified with the provocative performance of “Talmudic rituals” in this Islamic and Palestinian area.


As part of the Israeli efforts to prevent Palestinians to defend themselves and resist the occupation of soldiers and settlers, the occupation army recently intensified its arbitrary arrest campaigns against a number of Palestinian citizens, especially Palestinian activists and influencers.


The Israeli occupation realizes that Palestinians, from all categories, have become more interconnected and united since the Israeli aggression on Gaza in May 2021, known as Saif Al-Quds, which is pushing the trend towards an increase in the pace of Palestinian resistance action, including the West Bank, Jerusalem, and the occupied Palestinian interior.


Despite all these indications of tension escalation in the region, the rise of Palestinian resistance acts, and the Palestinians’ insistence to defend themselves and their homeland, the occupation persists to escalate its crimes and violations and ignores their repercussions. The tension is increasing especially with the approach of the Jewish holidays at the end of this month, which will be a spark for the explosion of the situation in the entire region.


In light of the Israeli occupation and arbitrary practices Israelioccupation’syviolations against the Palestinian people, urgent action by the international community and human rights institutions is necessary to stopput an end to the occupation’s arrogance.