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Thursday, June 1

Israeli Occupations’ Envoy Withdraws from UN General Assembly Meeting as Iranian President Denies Holocaust

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Israeli Occupation ambassador, Gelad Arden, has withdrawn from United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York on Wednesday evening, September 21, 2022, as the Iranian president denies the Holocaust.

“The region has not seen an occupying savage power such as the Zionist regime in its midst in the past,” Raisi said. “The killing of children and women are present in the dark report card of the Zionist regime. It has managed to form the biggest prison in the world in Gaza and the expansion of settlements and housing illegally on Palestinian territories.”

“The killing of Palestinian women and children shows everyone that seven decades of Israeli occupation and savagery is still with us and not ending,” the Iranian president added. “The occupying Zionist power that has occupied Jerusalem and other lands in the region cannot be a partner for security and stability.”

There have been recently high tensions between Israeli occupation and the new Iranian elected president, Ebrahim Raisi as the latter have been accusing the occupation state a number of times during press interviews.

In a press statement on Monday with CBS News, the Iranian president cast doubts on the Holocaust, urging historians to reconsider it once again.

“Look, historical events should be investigated from time to time.” The Iranian president replied when he asked about the holocaust.

Similarly in a meeting in the german capital, Berlin, Palestinian president Mohammad Abbas, highlighted that Israeli occupation forces have committed more than 50 Holocausts against Palestinians  since its establishment in 1948 which led to outrageous condemnation by Israeli occupation and the West.