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Friday, March 31

Israel Kills 30 Palestinians in February 2023

30 Palestinians killed in February 2023
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Israeli occupation forces killed 30 Palestinians, including 6 children, across occupied Palestine in February 2023, according to data collected by Days of Palestine (DOP).

The Israeli forces and settlers shot dead 28 Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Meanwhile, A Palestinian child was killed in Gaza.

In addition, a Palestinian prisoner was proclaimed dead due to medical negligence in Israeli prisons.

3 Palestinians, above the age of 60, were among the victims. They were shot dead by Israeli forces during a military raid in occupied Nablus.

West Bank

Israeli occupation forces escalated attacks and deadly raids in the occupied West Bank, killing 27 Palestinians all over February, including 15 from Nablus.

11 Palestinians, including a child and three old men, were shot dead by Israeli occupation forces in one day in Nablus’ old city on February 22.

On February 3, 2023, Israeli occupation forces shot dead the Palestinian youth Abdullah Qalalweh, 26, a resident of Jenin, near Huwara checkpoint in occupied Nablus.

Palestinian 26-year-old Abdullah Qalalweh was shot dead nearly one month after his first baby was born, family sources reported.

On February 6, Israeli forces committed an outrageous crime in Aqabat Jaber town the eastern occupied West Bank city of Jericho.

The Israeli forces invaded the town and killed four Palestinians, including 3 from one family. The Israeli forces withheld their bodies.

On the following day, Israeli occupation forces killed the Palestinian child Hamza Al-Ashqar, 16, during a military incursion into the West Bank city of Nablus.

The victims included four Palestinians in Jenin, four in Jericho, and one Palestinian in each Gaza Strip, Salfit, and Jerusalem.


Under international law, intentional lethal force is only justified in circumstances where a direct threat to life or serious injury is present.

However, investigations collected by the Defence of Children-Plaestine approved that Israeli forces use lethal force against Palestinian children in circumstances that may amount to extrajudicial or wilful killings.

DOP data has shown that Israeli forces shot dead five Palestinians in the occupied West Bank in February 2023. another Gazan child was killed from wounds he sustained in the great return of marches.

On February 7, Israeli forces shot and killed the Palestinian boy Hamza Al-Ashqar in the northern occupied West Bank city of Nablus.

Qusai Waked, 14, was fatally shot in the abdomen by Israeli forces around 3 p.m. on February 12, southwest of the Jenin refugee camp.

Furthermore, the Israeli forces killed Mahmoud Al-Aidi, 17, after shooting him in the head in the occupied West Bank city of Tubas.

On February 20, Palestinian boy Muntaser Al-Shawwa, 16, succumbed to serious wounds he sustained by Israeli gunfire in the Balata refugee camp in occupied Nablus.

The Israeli deadly raid in Nablus on February 22 claimed the lives of 11 Palestinians, including the boy Mohammed AL-Hajj Ahmed. He was shot in the head by an Israeli soldier passing by in an armored Israeli military vehicle.

In Gaza Strip, the Palestinian child Mohammed Abu Al-Amrin died of wounds he sustained by Israeli gunfire two years ago during the Gaza march of return.

Settler’ Violence

Israeli settlers contributed to shedding more Palestinian blood. Israeli settlers killed two Palestinians in February 2023.

An Israeli terrorist settler shot and killed the Palestinian youth Methqal Rayyan, 27, in Qarawet Bani Hassan in the occupied West Bank city of Salfit.

The European Union Delegation to the Palestinians said it was ‘saddened’ by the death of Methqal Suleiman Rayyan who was shot in the head by Israeli settlers’ gunfire.

On February 26, Israeli settlers carried out waves of barbaric attacks against Palestinian homes, vehicles, and properties.

The settlers’ assaults resulted in injuring 100 Palestinians and burning 35 homes, and dozens of cars.

Meanwhile, Palestinian Sameh Aqtash, 37, was killed due to the Israeli settlers and forces’ attacks on occupied Nablus.

In January 2023, Israeli occupation forces killed 35 Palestinians, including 8 children and an elderly woman, in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

The number of Palestinian victims due to Israeli violence has reached 66, including 14 children so far in 2023.