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Wednesday, May 31

IOF to Tear Down 180 Homes in Jerusalem

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The Israeli occupation bulldozers are to demolish a further 180 facilities in Ayn Silwan neighborhood eastern Jerusalem in an attempt to grip its fist on the city.


Elias Abu Sanina, whose both house and shop are being under threat, is extremely worried about what is coming up as the Israeli bulldozers might at any time destroy his house, turning his life ‘upside down’ as Elias Stated.

Israeli authorities allegedly said that Elias’s house official papers are illegitimate.

Cautious and on alert

The resident told Safa News agency with deep grief that the occupation authorities had told him earlier to hand over his shop which is the only source of income amid  the economic obstacles in Jerusalem.

Israeli authorities are likely to demolish his own house as well which he built 21 years ago.

“There will be no place for my kids to sleep,” Said Elias. “The house might be gone at any time.”

The neighborhood of Ayn Silwan is 870 acres and regarded as a vital spot,  connecting eastern Jerusalem to the old city.

For a long period of time, The people in the neighborhood have been battling with the Israeli authorities to put an end to such  aggressive actions.

The Palestinian senior official, Fakhri Abu Diab, explained to Safa News Agency that 283 facilities in Ayn Sliwan are likely to be leveled to the ground shortly.

“It’s obvious that Israeli authorities are carrying out a mass wave in Jerusalem, intending to displace the Palestinian indigenous people out of the city, replacing them with Israeli settlers, in order to set up “The Jewish Holy Pool”.

The occupation is trying to distort the history of the city by Israelize it at any cost.

Eight years ago, Israeli authorities had already wiped down other houses in the south of Jerusalem. Not to mention that they chase activists involved.