Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 3

Thousands from Scotland Wave Palestinian Flag Supporting Palestine

S.K | DOP -

Since the beginning of August, 2022, a massive number of fans belonging to the Celtic team and competing in the Scottish Football League, renewed their position on supporting the Palestinian cause and Palestinians.

This occured in the first matches of their team in the new season and after the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

According to the widely circulated video on the social networking site (Twitter), a large flag of Palestine was mediated by the fans who chanted in support of the segment of railway workers, and of course in support of the Palestinian people.

This was not the first time that Celtic fans raised the Palestinian flag, which appeared on their stands on more than one occasion.

This exposed the club to penalties and fines by the European Football Association.

Perhaps the most prominent time the fans raised the Palestinian flag, was on August 17, 2016, when Celtic played against an Israeli team.