Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

Colonial Settlers Ravage Palestinian Irrigation Project, Steal Water Pump

Af.M | DOP -

Colonial Israeli settlers ravaged Wednesday, September 2022 an irrigation project owned by the Palestinian man, Bakr Abdul Haq, in the occupied West Bank town of Beit Dajan village in Nablus. 

Colonial settlers vandalized a pond to collect water and irrigation systems on a site of 17 dunums. They also devastated the fence around the land, and the gate, stealing a water pump amounting to approximately 20000 shekels.

 The irrigation project was built on land owned by the Palestinian man Hulusi Hajj Muhammad and is scheduled to be opened tomorrow, Thursday within the “on the ground” initiative which targeted the Palestinian lands threatened to be stolen in favour of Israeli colonial settlers and the Israeli occupation authorities prevent Palestinian from extending water and electricity systems. 

The work on this project lasted for more than 60 days to establish a water pond to collect rainwater, which can accommodate more than 4000 cups annually used to irrigate crops in the Palestinian lands, fence, gate, and a large irrigation network.

It is worth mentioning that, the land where the project was established is about 500 meters only away from a new colonial outpost established in the place.