Days of Palestine

Thursday, June 1

IOF Detain Palestinian Citizens from inside Homes in West Bank, Jerusalem

Israeli Occupation Forces Detain Palestinian Due to His Visit to Al-Aqsa
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Israeli occupation forces (IOF) stormed Tuesday, March 21, Palestinian cities and villages of the occupied West Bank, including Jerusalem,  and detained 12 defenseless Palestinian citizens from inside their homes.

In Jenin, IOF stormed the houses of Palestinian citizens, Ali Al-Ja’bari, Majd Freihat, and Ahmed Abu AL-Heija, while they were with their families, and brutally detained them.

The Israeli forces raided the Al-Dehaisha refugee camp in occupied Bethlehem, terrorized Palestinian citizens, and detained three without prior notice. They are Ahmed Katanah, Jamal AL-Eisa, and Zaid Al-Sadouq.

In Beira, before detaining the Palestinian citizen Mahmoud Shoukha, Israeli occupation forces brutally broke into his home, destroyed its contents, and left the members of his family terrorized.

The same in Nablus, Israeli forces detained the Palestinian citizens Khaled Al-Taweel and Mo’men Al-Taweel during a military incursion into the city, which led to the outbreak of confrontations with Palestinian residents.

In occupied Jerusalem,  IOF detained the ex-detainee Qassam Halabiyya and Amir Al-Kasawani.

On a daily basis, Israeli occupation forces carry out massive storms into Palestinian cities, detentions against Palestinian citizens, and attack them with no regard for their legal right to live a peaceful and decent life.

From the beginning of 2023 until mid-March, Israeli occupation forces detained 1,300 Palestinians from, including 200 children and 22 girls and women.

Israeli occupation is holding 4,780 Palestinian detainees, including 160 children, some 30 women, and five Palestinian Legislative Council members. All of them will be affected by Israel’s implementation of punitive measures.