Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

IOF Arrest Jordanian MP While Entering West Bank

B.M | DOP -

Israeli media sources reported that Israeli occupation forces IOF arrested a Jordanian member of parliament while entering the occupied West Bank on Sunday, April 23, 2023.

Lawyer Imad Al-Adwan, the Jordanian MP, was crossing the Allenby Bridge from Jordan to occupied Palestine when IOF arrested him, the media said.

Israeli media claimed that Adwan was found carrying gold and weapons in his car when security services examined it.

The Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that it is following up [on] the case of Representative Imad al-Adwan, who was arrested by the Israeli forces for interrogation over alleged smuggling of weapons.

Meanwhile, Jordanian MP Khalil Ateyya called on his government to secure Adwan’s release, adding that he will hold the government responsible for any failure.

In addition, the National Committee for Jordanian Prisoners and Missing Persons in Israeli Prisons condemned Israel’s arrest of Adwan, calling on the government to immediately intervene for his release.

The National Committee pointed out that Israel holds 19 Jordanian people in its prisons while 34 others are still missed.