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Tuesday, March 21

Health of Cancer-Stricken Palestinian Prisoner Abu Hamid at Critical Stage

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Days of Palestine – Ramallah

The Palestinian Commission of Detainees’ and Ex-Detainees’ Affairs said Thursday, July 28, 2022 that the health condition of cancer-stricken prisoner Nasser Abu Hamid is rapidly worsening and has reached a critical stage after he recently received the fourth cycle of chemotherapy.

Prisoner Abu Hamid is slated to go through another round of chemotherapy early next month as stated by the doctors supervising his health condition.

After the fifth cycle of chemotherapy, his lungs will be scanned in the hospital to evaluate his response to treatment.

Abu Hamid is still unable to walk and breathe, so he is confined to a wheelchair and uses an oxygen cylinder all the time, according to the Commission of Detainees.

The Commission has held the Israeli prison service fully responsible for the life of prisoner Abu Hamid and appealed to international organizations to intervene to have him released and put an end to his suffering.

Abu Hamid, a 49-year-old from al-Am’ari refugee camp in Ramallah, has been in jail since 2002, serving seven life sentences and an additional 50 years in prison. He has four brothers in jail who are also serving life sentences.