Days of Palestine

Thursday, June 8

Hamas Hails UN Position over Israeli Siege on Gaza

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Days of Palestine – Gaza

The Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” welcomed Saturday the two resolutions issued by the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

The United Nations called the Israeli occupation to lift the siege on the Gaza Strip, the complete cessation of all forms of settlement in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, the United Nations condemned the continued violence and repression of the occupation army against Palestinian demonstrators and journalists.

In a press statement, Hamas considered the two resolutions as a new international evidence which reveals the extent of the crimes that Palestinian people, land and holy sites are subjected to.

Hamas also reaffirms the illegality of the Israeli occupation and its settlement plans on our occupied land.

In light of the occupation’s disregard for all international norms, charters and resolutions, and at a time when the siege on the Gaza Strip continues, and the settlement incursion against our land and violations against our people escalate, Hamas called the United Nations to put pressure on the occupation to lift the siege and end its flagrant violations against Palestinians.