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Wednesday, February 8

Hamas Condemns Israeli Occupation Demolition of Al-Araqib Village 

Af.M | DOP -

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas spokesman Abdul Latif Al-Qanou condemned Tuesday, 24 January 2023 the Israeli occupation demolition of Al-Araqib village for the 212th time.

Hamas spokesman stated that the Israeli occupation’s demolition of the Al-Araqib and Humsa Al-Baqia’a villages and the planned Judaisation of occupied Jerusalem’s Khan al-Ahmar is a continuation of the policy of ethnic cleansing and forced displacement adopted by the radical Israeli occupation.

Al-Qanoua reiterated that such criminal policies blatantly violate international and humanitarian laws.

“Israel’s policy of displacement will not succeed in undermining the determination of Palestinian people to defend their land and adhere to their rights,” Al-Qanoua added.

The Israeli occupation’s policy of forced displacement is a failed attempt to break the will of the Palestinian people, Al-Qanoua continued.

Earlier today, Israeli forces accompanied by military bulldozers stormed Al-Araqib village, demolished Palestinian residents’ tents, and confiscated property and basic living necessities.

Israeli military forces demolished Al-Araqib village for the first time in July 2010 in a preparatory step to Judaise the occupied Negev.