Days of Palestine

Tuesday, May 30

Gaza Refugees Burn Tires Before UNRWA Headquarters in Gaza City.

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Dozens of Gaza refugees, who’s their homes had been destroyed by Israeli Occupation Forces, have protested on Monday, September 20, 2022, in front of UNRWA headquarters in the Gaza Strip as the agency failed to complete reconstruction of their houses.

“We need our rights, we need to live like the rest of the world,” the refugee cried as burning tires were seen behind him in a video on Twitter.

Protesters are warning to surge the scale of burning tires if UNRWA officials are not going to take concrete measures on the ground.

Coordinator of Refugees Committee, Mahmoud Khalaf, said that what is going on in front of UNRWA headquarters is an obvious rage by Gaza refugees against the “reluctant” attitude of UNRWA officials in monitoring the case.

Mr. Khalak added that the Palestinian refugee is not responsible for the financial drop of UNRWA.

Previously, Israeli Occupation warplanes completely levelled almost 21000 houses to the ground including 16000 partially destroyed, during the 2014 aggression on the enclave, according to latest UNRWA statistics.