Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

EU Concerned of Deterioration on Heath of Palestinian Prisoners on Hunger strike


The European Union stated on Thursday 11 August it’s deep concern over the health of the Palestinian prisoner Awawda Who has been in a hunger strike protesting his administrative detention for 152 consecutive days upon worry over his life and safety.

The EU shared this sentiment in a Twitter post that revealed the EU’s concern over Awawdeh who is illegally held under administrative detention and denied the right to a fair trial.

It is worth noting that Awawdah was promised to be released on the 26 of June and received medical help at that time only to be surprised to hear about a decision of adding a new four-month extension to his detention on the radio.

The Israeli occupation authorities manipulated Khalil’s strike. He was verbally informed that he would be released on the twenty-sixth of June and suspended his strike accordingly, then they tricked him into believing that he was getting released, then they returned him, and when he asked them why he was sent back, they told him that his health condition does not allow his release and that this is related to the procedures and approval of the occupation intelligence (Shin Bet), according to a statement shared by his wife Dalal Awawdeh.

Awawdeh’s release took a big part of the conditions relating to the mutual ceasefire between PIJ and the Israeli occupation forces, a condition Israel, yet again,  still hasn’t fulfilled rendering the truce between the two parties a fragile and possible short-lived one.