Days of Palestine

Thursday, June 1

Detainee Awawdeh Continues Hunger Strike for157th Day, Amid Critical Health Conditions


Khalil Awawdeh (40 years), from the town of Ithna, west of Hebron, has continued, on Tuesday, August 16,2022, his hunger strike for 157 days, in refusal to be administratively detained, amid very critical health conditions

In a previous statement to Wafa, the Detainees and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Authority stated that the health condition of prisoner Awawdeh is getting worse day by day, and he has lost more than half of his weight and suffers from weakness and weakness, lack of vision, and suffers from severe aches in the joints, head pain, and severe dizziness. He is unable to walk and moves in a wheelchair.

Yesterday, Monday, the Occupation Court rejected the appeal submitted by the prisoner’s lawyer, Awawdeh, to release him after his health condition deteriorated significantly during the past weeks.

The commission held the occupation government and the prison administration fully responsible for the prisoner’s life.

The wife of the detainee, Khalil Awawdeh, was able to visit him three days before in the “Asaf Harofeh” hospital near Lod inside the 48 lands, and said that her husband suffers from amnesia and does not remember the names of his daughters, explaining that he has lost more than half of his weight and suffers from weakness and weakness, and lack of vision. So much so that he didn’t recognize her.

Awawdeh pointed out that Khalil told her that he would continue to strike until his freedom was taken, and stressed that his hunger strike was “not against life, but against restriction and in order to wrest his freedom,” stressing that his spirits are very high despite the seriousness of his health.

It is noteworthy that the detainee, Awawdeh, resumed his strike on 2/7/2022, after suspending it earlier after 111 days of the strike, based on promises to release him, but the occupation reneged on its promise, and issued a new administrative detention order against him for a period of four months. He has been detained since December 27, 2021, when the occupation issued an administrative detention order against him for a period of six months, and his detention order was renewed for the second time for a period of four months, and it was confirmed for the entire period.

Three detainees are also continuing their open hunger strike to protest their continued detention. They are: the two detained brothers, Ahmed and Adal Hussein Musa from the town of Al-Khader, who have been on strike for ten days from the date of their arrest on August 7, 2022, in refusal of their administrative detention, as they are in the cells of Ofer Prison.

The Israeli occupation ordered Ahmad to be administratively detained for a period of four months, and Adal for three months, and Sheikh Youssef Al-Baz (64 years), from Lod in the 1948 lands, his hunger strike, in refusal to continue his arbitrary detention for the sixth consecutive day, in the Israeli “Soroka” hospital, where he was transferred to Last Friday, he was released from Raymond prison, after his health deteriorated.