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Children in Gaza Bear the Brunt of Israeli Continuous Aggression

Israel kill children in Gaza
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For the second day in a row and as it’s a favorite repeated game, Israeli occupation spares no effort in injecting its cruelty into Palestinian civilians’ lives as happening in its latest aggression on the Gaza Strip.

Israeli forces targeted several residential buildings in Palestinian neighborhoods throughout the Gaza Strip, killing 33 Palestinians, including 6 children according to documentation collected by Defense for Children International – Palestine.

Dreams Grow into Nightmares

Earlier Wednesday, May 10, 2023, Israeli air strikes launched on a Palestinian-owned residential building, caused the Palestinian kid Tamim Dawood an immediate heart attack.

A new chapter in the Israeli Aggressions on Gaza novel unfolds one of its bloodiest plots. An abrupt, unwelcome, treacherous Israeli missile was a thunderclap on Tamim’s little heart.

The bombing’s vicious sound has sharply battered Tamim’s tender heart, misfunctioning its work.

Tamim, a child of five springs, a guest to his bed, a captive to his dreams, unconscious to the sweet-bitter surroundings in Gaza when an Israeli missile hit a residential flat in Tamim’s neighborhood and killed a Palestinian and his wife at night while sleeping.

While sleeping, little Tamim died of fear the moment the barbarian Israeli occupation warplanes bombed a residential building close to where he resides in central Gaza City.

Tamim even did not know, what, when, or even how to cry when there were no sufficient words to describe how his feelings of pain are.

Is My Kid Next?

Parenting entails a perpetual struggle between hope and despair. However, Gazan parents find that dying brings more mercy upon their hearts than considering that their child could be the next.

Tamim Daoud’s mother explained that her little child was a heart patient, and was receiving treatment and responding to it normally as he used to go to kindergarten as every child.

Recounting the details of the most difficult night for her, Tamim’s mother said: “We slept quietly until we heard the sound of bombing very close to the building where we live. Out of fear, Tamim cried out, that his heart could not stand it and pushed us to take him to the hospital.”

She continued, “Tamim stayed in the intensive care unit, and doctors told us of his death at dawn today, because his heart could not bear the terror Israeli air strikes have caused”

When Lina, the mother of Tamim, learned that her son had died, she was inconsolable. She persisted in saying that he was still alive and would see his family. Tamim would definitely be present to meet his new brother, the heavily pregnant Lina reasoned.

Before informing her of Tamim’s passing, I collected our family members to be there for her, Mohammed, the father of Tamim added. “We can’t believe he won’t see his expected brother.”

“Tamim is my only child. He has a sweet smile and is super-smart and energetic. Although my kid had a serious heart condition, the horrifying Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip are indescribably unbearable.” Mohammed stated.

“Why should our kids put up with all this? How about children and the sick?” “Given how severe the bombing was, a normal person would quake in horror.” His mother added.

Will Grieve in Gaza Come to an End?

Yesterday’s horrifying statistics are an indication of the Israeli occupation escalating violence. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, Israeli air strikes have claimed the lives of 33 Palestinians, including four women and six children.

Observing that six children had already been murdered during this Israeli aggression on Gaza, the UN agency for children criticized Israel’s ongoing illegal attacks.

“It’s unacceptable. In accordance with international humanitarian law, all children must be shielded from all forms of violence and serious violations everywhere.” According to a statement from UNICEF.

Israel started a new wave of violence on Tuesday dawn, May 9, 2023, against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, striking several homes, lands, and sites.

The Israeli attacks on Gaza coincide with the second anniversary of Israel’s 2021 aggression, during which Israel killed  259 Palestinians, including 39 women, 65 children, and 17 elderly.

More than 260 Palestinians were killed in the Gaza Strip during the May 2021 aggression on the Gaza Strip, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

In violent situations, children frequently bear the highest cost. Israel is obligated to shield the Palestinian civilian population from violence as the occupying force in the occupied Palestinian territories, including the Gaza Strip.

Said Fadel Al-Saloul contributed to the writing of this feature.