Days of Palestine

Thursday, June 8

Remembering 2021 Israeli Aggression on Gaza

The Palestinian health ministry reported on Monday that the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli occupation forces since the start of 2023 has risen to 151.
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On May 10, 2021, Israeli warplanes started a new campaign of violence against the besieged Gaza Strip, which lasted for 11 days.

Only in 11 days, Israel killed 259 Palestinians, including 39 women, 65 children, and 17 elderly after striking dozens of homes, buildings, and other facilities.

In addition, the Israeli airstrikes resulted in the injury of 2212 Palestinians across the besieged Gaza Strip.

120000 Palestinians were displaced due to the Israeli aggression as Israeli raids completely destroyed 1513 housing units and damaged 6367 others.

The aggression also damaged 66 schools, and 26 media institutions while 3 mosques were bombed and totally destroyed.

Israel caused massive destruction, affecting the already exhausted health and economic sectors due to the blockade since 2006.

During the assault, the Israeli airstrikes targeted and wipe out four main towers, destroying several international media institutions.

Palestinian memory in May is crowded with tragedies caused by the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian people, particularly in Gaza.

May 15 marks the anniversary of the Nakba, Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine, when Israeli gangs forcibly displaced the Palestinian people.

Since the Nakba, the Israeli occupation has been using all means to complicate the lives of Palestinian and control every single aspect of their life.

75 years have passed since the Nakba, but the Palestinian people are still under Israeli attacks and human rights violations.

The anniversary of the 2021 Israeli aggression came as Palestinians are under a new wave of violence by the Israeli occupation.

Earlier on Tuesday, Israeli occupation warplanes struck Gaza, killing 15 Palestinians and injuring dozens of others, according to the Gaza health ministry.