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Wednesday, May 31

B’Tselem: Israel forcibly transfers the community of ‘Ein Samia

T.Sh | DOP -

B’Tselem stated on Monday, 22 May 2023 that the last residents of the Palestinian community of ‘Ein Samia, a community next to Ramallah that was home to about 200 residents, were forced to leave their land.

According to the center, Israel has made their lives unbearable, leaving residents with no other choice.

For years, residents of the community have suffered from violence carried out by Israeli forces, from settler violence carried out with the full backing of the State, and from extreme restrictions on building homes and infrastructure, as well as demolitions.

The center indicated the community’s school is set to be demolished soon, following a recent court approval.

B’Tselem affirmed that Israel’s policy, whose goal is to allow the state to take over more and more Palestinian land to be used by Jews, is applied across the West Bank against dozens of Palestinian communities.