Days of Palestine

Brussels Palestinian Community Honors Prisoner’s Day

M.Y | DOP -

A commemoration of Palestinian Prisoner’s Day was held on Sunday in Brussels by the Palestinian community in Belgium, including lawmakers and party leaders who are supportive of Palestine.

A vigil, organized by the Palestinian community in Belgium, the European Coalition in Support of Palestinian Prisoners’ Rights, and the Belgian-Palestinian Association, was held outside the main train station in Brussels city centre.

At the vigil, the attendees displayed Palestinian flags, pictures of inmates in Israeli prisons, and banners expressing support for the Palestinian people’s quest for freedom and respect.

Notable presenters at the gathering were Hamdan Al-Dumairi, who represented the Belgian Antal Foundation, and Member of the European Parliament, Marc Botenga.

The participants implored Belgian and European authorities to take stern measures and issue sanctions against the occupying Israeli government, which continually disregards all international laws, regulations, and standards.