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Friday, March 31

British Secretary Condemns U.K. Proposal to Relocate Embassy to Jerusalem

N.S | DOP -

Former British Foreign Secretary William Hague has condemned on Wednesday, October 12, 2022, British prime minister’s  Liz truss proposal to relocate the U.K. Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem, warning that it would align British government with Donald Trump and would also contribute to serious ramifications.

The proposal, strongly condemned by many, would by far stumble the peace process in the Middle East, Mr.Hague stated. 

“This would a breach of UN Security Council resolutions by one of its permanent members, break a longstanding commitment to work for two states for Israelis and Palestinians, and align Britain in foreign affairs with Donald Trump and three small states rather than the whole of the rest of the world,” Hague said to Liz Truss in a statement earlier this week. 

Hague is the most senior Conservative politician to come out in opposition to relocating the U.K. Embassy and his statement will encourage other figures to follow suit. 

Soon after, Another former UK politician Sayeeda Warsi tweeted in response that the Embassy review was “effectively a Trump policy prompted by Conservative Friends of Israel and supported by the Board of Deputies”. 

Earlier, British newly elected prime minister Liz Truss informed  the possible move 

in a letter to the pro-Israeli lobby group in the U.K. Later on, she affirmed the plan to Israeli Occupation leader Yair Lapid while meeting on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.