Days of Palestine

Sunday, January 29

Brazil’s President Lula Ousts Ambassador to Israeli Occupation

General Gerson Menandro
M.Y | DOP -

General Gerson Menandro Garcia de Freitas, Brazil‘s Ambassador to the Israeli Occupation, on Tuesday was removed from his position, one of the initial steps taken by Brazil‘s new President Luiz In√°cioLula da Silva since coming into office.

Menandro‘s dismissal from his post as a political appointee by Jair Bolsonaro in early 2021 could be seen as a sign of a change in Lula‘s policy towards the Israeli occupation.

Mauro Vieira, the new Brazilian Foreign Minister, declared that upon the inauguration of the leftwing government of Lula at the start of the month, Brazil would be extending its cooperation to Arab nations, with Palestine being the primary focus. Furthermore, Brazil also withdrew its ambassador from Washington.

In an effort to strengthen ties with the Israeli occupation, former Brazilian president Bolsonaro appointed General Menandro and declared his intention to relocate the Brazilian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. However, this plan did not come to fruition due to pressure from Arab countries, and instead, Brazil opened a trade office in Jerusalem instead.