Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 3

Another 20 Palestinian Prisoners Affiliate to Ongoing Open-Ended Hunger Strike

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Another 20 Palestinian prisoners have affiliated on Saturday, October 9, 2022, to the current 30 strikers, who have been sticking for the 15th day, in protest against Israeli occupation “rampant” administrative policy, bringing the total to 50, Palestinian Prisoners Club confirmed

For fifteen days, Palestinian administrative prisoners are going on with an open-ended hunger strike, refusing the rampant policy implemented by Israeli Occupation Service (IOS)

Administrative detention is a policy adopted by IOS to detain Palestinians with no legal charges.

The idea of the strike went viral to Palestinian prisoners. Palestinian prisoners in Ofer Prison, for instance, gave back their breakfast showing solidarity with their fellows.

The Club added thar the Palestinian hunger-striking prisoners demand the Israeli occupation end their arbitrary detention.

It also pointed out that Israeli occupation authorities haven’t responded to the prisoners’ demands yet taking arbitrary measures against them.

The Wa’ed Association for Prisoners and Liberated Prisoners pointed out that Israeli occupation took a punishment measure against the hunger-striking prisoners isolating and preventing most of them from meeting their lawyers.

28 of the hunger strikers were reported isolated in four rooms of the Ofer prison. Meanwhile, Salah Al-Hamouri, a human right defender, was isolated in Hadarim prison.

Israeli occupation currently holds 780 Palestinians, including at least six minors and two women, under administrative detention without charge or trial.

In 2015 only, IOS issued a further 9500 detention orders and in 2022 up to 1365 ones against Palestinians.

Since 2011, Palestinian prisoners have gone on up to 400 hunger strikes in Israeli prisons, most of which were launched to protest Israel’s illegal policy of administrative detention.