Days of Palestine

Thursday, June 8

Ahmed Manasra Transferred to Hospital Amid Health Deterioration

M.Y | DOP -

Israeli occupation authorities transferred on Tuesday the 20-year-old Palestinian detainee Ahmed Manasra to Al-Ramlah hospital following a serious deterioration of his health.

Lawyer Khaled Zabarqa stated that the Israeli occupation authorities transferred the prisoner Ahmed Manasra to Al-Ramla Hospital, due to the deterioration of his mental health condition, without providing other details.

Zabarqa pointed out that the prison doctor had ordered to urgently transfer the prisoner Manasra to the prison’s hospital for a period of ten days.

Ahmad Manasra was only 13 years old when an Israeli vehicle ran over and critically injured him in 2015. He was arrested and harshly interrogated for allegedly being involved in a stabbing attack. 

When Mansra was left bleeding on the ground without first aid, Isreali occupation forces had killed his cousin Hasan Manasra, 15. Later, Ahmad Manasra was sentenced to 12 years in the Israeli prisons.