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Wednesday, May 31

Hebrew Newspaper Reveales a Plan to Establish a Park for Colonial Settlers in Occupied West Bank, Hamas Rejects

Days of Palestine -

Hebrew newspaper Israel Hayom revealed Monday 13 June 2022 a plan to establish a “national park” for colonial settlers on an area estimated at thousands of dunams between the occupied city of Jerusalem and the Dead Sea.

The newspaper reported that the settlers in the West Bank plan to change the region, especially from a political point of view.

It pointed out that the settlement plan – if approved – “will end the possibility of establishing a Palestinian state forever, by creating a separation between the center and north of the West Bank.”

As a result, Hamas Movement rejected the plan, saying “the Zionist settlement bloc’s plan constitutes a new aggression against Palestinian land and rights and exposes the reality of the racist colonial character of the Zionist entity which targets the Palestinian identity and existence by flooding the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem with colonial settlements, to facilitate their annexation and the expansion of Zionist control over them.”

“We renew our rejection and condemnation of all occupation’s attempts to impose a new reality on the ground, and we affirm that the occupation will not succeed in changing the Arab character, or break the will and steadfastness of our Palestinian people in confronting these schemes or in compromising their rights,” he movement added.

“We call upon the masses of our Palestinian people, forces, and factions to resist these colonial projects, reject them and confront them with all means and forms of resistance,” it highlighted.